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Japanese market promises much, but demands much as well. Sucessful scale up depends on where your are on your journey as a company and if you are fully ready for this new market. In our experience, the companies that are ready to blossom in Japan have reached key operational milestones but also are prepared culturally to what the Japanese market demands. We help you evaluate your need and your risk before your start your journey in Japan.

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Japan is a fast moving market, mobile first, hingry for innovation and transforming rapidly.In an evirorement where the cultural and market practice understanding are the key factors to scale up in Japan, we are commited to leverage our expertise in multicultural management best practices coupled with a real time updated business connection to successufully implement your business in Japan.

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Having the right team and having a substainable organization is the key to corporate growth. We help you through your local team selection, training ,growth and management.

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Japan promises much, but it demands a certain preparation. Successful expansion depends on your understanding of the market and where you are on your journey.

We believe that international growth is not reserved for big companies. We are here to help you scale up your business internationally.


You are proud of your business and want to scale up in a way that will last and make a difference.

Juka Japan can help you scale up your business with onsite local experts who truly knows the market and will connect you with the right decision-makers. We share your ambitions and has expertise to help you scale for a purpose.

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