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The driver shortage in Japan's taxi industry, exacerbated by an aging workforce and rising tourist numbers, has prompted government deregulation efforts. Starting in April, a new framework will enable general drivers to use their private vehicles for passenger transport, under taxi company management, addressing the growing demand.

Newmo is seizing the opportunity presented by this market shift. With the new regulatory landscape favoring taxi companies, Newmo's strategy involves forging partnerships and making capital investments in these companies to broaden its operational scope.

Partner taxi firms will contribute resources such as vehicles, personnel, and expertise to Newmo, which, in turn, will enhance operations through digital transformation, support with rideshare technology, and bolster driver recruitment, thus launching "newmo Taxi."

This service is set to revolutionize the traditional model by integrating standard taxi offerings with a new rideshare option, featuring dynamic pricing for higher driver income and streamlined processes. Safety measures, including an SOS function, are planned to ensure a secure environment for female drivers, complemented by rigorous background checks and safety training.

Behind Newmo's ambitious launch is Naoki Aoyagi, celebrated for his leadership at Mercari's Japanese division. The startup is generating buzz with a notable leadership team from the tech and transportation sectors, aiming to redefine urban mobility.

Looking ahead, Newmo plans to introduce the "newmo app," enabling user-friendly access to both taxi and rideshare services, complete with diverse options to meet customer needs, from driver selection to special accommodations for large items or mobility aids.

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