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Nintendo, Google, and Sony Lead as Top Picks for Aspiring IT Engineers Students in Japan

According to Paiza Survey,an IT career support service provider based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, released the results of a survey identifying the most popular companies among students aspiring to become IT engineers. The survey targeted students from universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, and technical colleges registered with Paiza's job information search service "Paiza Shinsotsu," focusing on those graduating between 2024 and 2027. A total of 539 students participated in the web-based survey.

Participants were asked to list their top three preferred companies for employment, and the responses were weighted to create a ranking. Nintendo emerged as the top choice, followed by Google in second place, Sony Group in third, LINE Yahoo in fourth, and NTT Data Group in fifth.

The results of the survey noted that many of the top-ranked companies operate services that are familiar to aspiring IT engineers. This familiarity likely makes it easier for students to envision their potential job roles and understand how their work could contribute to users and society.

The survey also asked students to select the top five factors influencing their choice of employer. The most frequently cited factor was "good salary" (58.6%), followed by "comprehensive welfare benefits" (49.0%), indicating a strong emphasis on remuneration and benefits, similar to the general student population.

Specific to aspiring IT engineers were preferences for "being able to work in their desired role" (4th), "comprehensive training programs" (5th), and "well-equipped development and work environments" (8th). These responses highlight the importance of environments conducive to enhancing technical skills for many IT students.

Top 5 Preferred Companies for students graduating in 2024-2027 in Japan:

  1. Nintendo

  2. Google

  3. Sony Group

  4. LINE Yahoo

  5. NTT Data Group

Key Factors for Employer Selection:

  1. Good Salary (58.6%)

  2. Comprehensive Welfare Benefits (49.0%)

  3. Desirable Job Role (4th)

  4. Comprehensive Training Programs (5th)

  5. Well-Equipped Development and Work Environments (8th)


  • Students prefer companies with familiar services.

  • Emphasis on understanding job contributions to users and society.

  • Growing importance of guaranteed job roles post-employment.

  • Wary of uncertain job assignments ("allocation lottery").

The report reflects the trends and priorities of aspiring IT engineers, emphasizing the value they place on both professional development and job security in their future careers.

Source : Paiza Survey

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